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NDPHS SWG 4, Vilnius, Lithuania

List of the on-line registered participants

ParticipantJob TitleRepresenting
Ms. Kerstin Ödman Senior Adviser Sweden
Ms Vibeke Gundersen Senior Adviser Norway
Mr Thomas Ifland Officer Germany
Ms Jadwiga Jaszczyk Director Poland / Ministry of Health
Mr Marek Maciejowski Head of Secretariat NDPHS Secretariat
Dr Viktoras Meižis Head MoH
Mrs Liisa Ollila Director Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Mr Martynas Pukas Chief Officer Lithuania, MoH
Mr Robert Shearer Counsellor, Health and Social Affairs Canada
Ms Hilde Sundrehagen Director General Norway
Mrs Maria Waltari Senior Officer Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

11 confirmed participant(s) for SWG 4, Vilnius, Lithuania

ParticipantJob TitleRepresenting
Dr. Evgeny Slastnykh Chief of division Russia

1 unconfirmed participant(s) for SWG 4, Vilnius, Lithuania

The participants who have registered for the event, but have not confirmed their registration are requested to promptly complete the registration procedure. This should be done by clicking on the confirmation link at the bottom of the e-mail "Request for confirmation of the registration for SWG 4, Vilnius, Lithuania" sent to you by the server.

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