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The NDPHS is a cooperative effort of ten governments, the European Commission and eight international organisations (see below). It provides a forum for concerted action to tackle challenges to health and social well-being in the Northern Dimension area.


The Partnership's mission is to promote sustainable development of the Northern Dimension area by improving peoples’ health and social well-being. It aims to contribute to this process by intensifying cooperation, assisting the Partners and Participants in capacity building, and by enhancing coordination between international activities within the area.

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(14-02-2019) NDPHS is now on Facebook!

Communicating our work to all the interested parties and general public has always been important for NDPHS. Now, all the relevant news, event information, and project updates and achievements can be found on our Facebook page. Welcome!

Further information:

(21-01-2019) Northern Dimension Future Forum on Health: Healthy Ageing on 28 November 2018

The event gathered researchers, professionals, civil servants and decision-makers to discuss the future challenges and opportunities in providing support, services and environments enhancing health and wellbeing among senior citizens.

Further information: http://www.northernd...oting-healthy-ageing