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NDPHS SIHLWA 8, Riga, Latvia

List of the on-line registered participants

ParticipantJob TitleRepresenting
Professor Göran Bondjers Dean, Director Nordic Council of Ministers
Dr. JANIS CAUNITIS President Latvian national coalition on tobacco and alcohol control
Mr. Frank Cesa Manager, Substance Abuse Policy Canada
Mr. Eric Costen Director of Mental Health and Addictions Division Health Canada
Mrs Maria-Pia De Palo Senior Advisor Nordic Council of Minister
Dr Trygve Eklund Director General Norway
Mrs. Jolanta Geduša Senior officer of the Labour protection policy division Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia
Ms. Hellevi Hatunen Head of International Affairs Family Federation Finland
Dr Pi Högberg Public health planning officer Swedish National Institute of Public Health
Dr. Lydia Heikkila Project Coordinator Finland/SámiSoster
Ms Hanna Heikkilä Project coordinator National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland
MS. Carol Hopkins Co-Chair Canada.
Mr Wiking Husberg Senior Specialist on Occupational Safety and Health ILO Moscow
prof Lars Jacobsson professor Umea Univ. ,Umea,Sweden
Dr Aldona Jociute Head of Bureau for the Health Promoting SchoolsHea Lithuania/Ministry of Health
Mr Truls Johannessen Region Director The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority
Ms Hanna Koppelomäki SIHLWA ITA Ministry of Social Affairs and Health/ Finland
Dr. Anna Korotkova Deputy Director Russia, Federal Research Institute for Health Care Organization and Information
Dr Kari Kurppa leading expert Finland, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Dr Tiina Laatikainen Director of Department FINLAND/National Institute for Health and Welfare
Ms Suvi Lehtinen Chief, International Affairs Finland
Dr., Prof. Yulia Mikhaylova First Deputy Director Russia, Federal Research Institute for Health Care Organization and Information
Dr Lars Moller Regional Adviser a.i World Health Organization
Ms. Isis Marie Aimee Nyampame Public Health Planning Officer Sweden/ Swedish National Institute of Public Health
Mrs Lotta Omma psychologist Sweden / Umeå University
Mrs Magdalena Pietruszka Head of Public Education Department Poland, State Agency for Prevention of Alcohol-Related Problems
Mrs Diana Rand project manager Estonia,/Institute for Health Development
Prof. Marat Rudakov Project coordinator International Labour Organization
Dr Yogi Samant Deputy Chief Medical Officer Norway
Mr. Hasse Schneidermann General Secretary Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network (NordAN)
Dr. med. Ute Seemann psychiatrist and psychotherapist Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University of Technology, Munich, Germany
Mr Janusz Sieroslawski Researcher Warsaw, Poland
Mrs Triinu Täht chief specialist Ministry of Social Affairs of Estona
Mr Dmitry Titkov pproject manager National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland
Dr. Mikko Vienonen SIHLWA EG CoordinatorCoordinatin Chair SIHLWACoordinating Chairman Finland/MoSA&H/SIHLWA
Mr. Axel Wannag Senior Medical Officer Norway

36 confirmed participant(s) for SIHLWA 8, Riga, Latvia

No unconfirmed participants registered for SIHLWA 8, Riga, Latvia

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