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NDPHS BSN/OSH EG 11th joint meeting online,

List of the on-line registered participants

ParticipantJob Title CountryRepresenting
Mrs Jolanta Gedusa senior expert LATVIA Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia
Ms Päivi Hämäläinen Senior Officer Finland ITA, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Ms Raimonda Lingené-Eičinaitė lecturer Public Health and Occupational Health Lithuania Lithuanian Sports University
Mr Claude Donald Loiselle Coordinator Global ILO - International Labour Organization
Ms Žanna Martinsone Researcher Latvia Institute of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health, Rigas Stradins University
Dr. Inese Martinsone Head of Laboratory/ Leading researcher Latvia Latvia/ Riga Stradins university/ Institute of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health
Ms Eda Merisalu Professor of ergonomics ESTONIA Estonian University of Life Sciences
Dr. Ulla-Karin Nurm Director Sweden NDPHS
Mr Owe Osterbacka Senior Expert Finland Finland, FIOH, OH
Ms Eva Põldis Advisor Estonia Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia
Ms Saara Rissanen Intern Finland NDPHS Secretariat
Prof. Nina Rubtsova Head of scientific coordination department The Russian Federation Russian Federation/ FSBSI Izmerov Research Institute of Occupational Health
Dr. Yogindra Samant Chief Medical Officer / Chief Technical Adviser - International Affairs Norge Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority
Prof. Riitta Sauni Professor Finland Finland
Mr Ivars Vanadzins director Latvia Institute of occupational safety and environmental health

15 confirmed participant(s) for BSN/OSH EG 11th joint meeting online,

ParticipantJob Title CountryRepresenting
Dr. AsUufOlLwWKxkTr dwjCThOekyvm QWnBYchMsgG yYloePtLEVF DATediGJ
Dr. qLCNlswfoubYyRi EiCkdemBVRD BenQDrxMuTjI PXNdWfqMxQFst CsQGwVopDjUNg
Dr. PawBqQUFGS EoClaMHmWTfktBrP PbNLpYqjt lpKgwcdBeTU CLfQUcaIr
Dr. XZSnOzocF KWNAFpjivCsGPV KInASOaf DnqOfbGav wKVyRhMur
Dr. sgdEeinHOKyrcZV LaBObWFmQvpw BpOTxiUfkhy ogVLGTptXlzaqE CqAcYvdFVe
Dr. VpSxFyjvbMkwQmR URYbePAXWhEVnfM uAKGVzbJr xrSzaYjdHsfiPub lWuKEcXaq
Dr. TGaNixgeuJ xReIdcfsQr WqimnfCh lSVbcMadI JfibVuGI
Dr. RoADisZz YilCMLPg wcfWkrxHiGR wELapVkxtDRJHr XTCblsrP

8 unconfirmed participant(s) for BSN/OSH EG 11th joint meeting online,

The participants who have registered for the event, but have not confirmed their registration are requested to promptly complete the registration procedure. This should be done by clicking on the confirmation link at the bottom of the e-mail "Request for confirmation of the registration for BSN/OSH EG 11th joint meeting online, " sent to you by the server.

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