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NDPHS 1st Meeting of the NDPHS Evaluation Steering Group, Sweden

List of the on-line registered participants

ParticipantJob TitleRepresenting
Dr. Ali Arsalo Chair of the HIV, TB & AIC Expert Group on HIV, TB and Associated Infections
Dr Göran Carlsson Senior advisor Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Sweden
Dr. Valery Chernyavskiy Deputy Head of the Division for coordination of NDPHS Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of the Russian Ministry of Health
Ms. Silvija Geistarte Senior Adviser NDPHS Secretariat
Mr Thomas Ifland Senior AdvisorSen German Ministry of Health
Professor Ulrich Laaser Teamleader EPOS
Dr./Pr. Patrick Marc Najman Senior Consultant in Public Health France
Dr. Ülla-Karin Nurm Director NDPHS Secretariat
Mr Marcin Rynkowski Director of the Department of International Cooperation Marcin
Ms Kinga Sieńko-Wójtowicz Head of EU Unit Poland
Ms Liga Timsa Director of Department of European Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia
Dr Zaza TSERETELI Senior Advisor Royal Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services

12 confirmed participant(s) for 1st Meeting of the NDPHS Evaluation Steering Group, Sweden

No unconfirmed participants registered for 1st Meeting of the NDPHS Evaluation Steering Group, Sweden

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