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Joint TB Control Project St. Petersburg - Finland; Phase III 2008–2009

Project title Joint TB Control Project St. Petersburg - Finland; Phase III 2008–2009
Database Data manually inserted in the NDPHS Database
ID in the source database 1153
Thematic area Tuberculosis
Topic TB control in St. Petersburg.
Project geographical area Russia
Substate level / administrative units /regions St. Petersburg
Lead partner (organisation) Filha (Finnish Lung Health Association)
Lead partner (owner or/and project manager) no data
Partner organisations North-Western State Medical University named after I.I Mechnikov
Start date 2001-01-01
End date 2009-12-31
Duration (months) 108
Target audience Health sector, infectious disease control.
Summary The aim of this project is to improve TB control and decreasing TB incidence in two districts of the city of St. Petersburg, with a population of about 0.55 million people. The project has four components.
Background Filha tuberculosis project in St. Petersburg began with a preparatory phase in 2000-2001. The first phase of the project was carried out in 2002-2004 and the second phase in 2005-2007. The third phase of the project was launched at the beginning of 2008 and it shall continue until the end of 2009.
Objectives (1) Development of rapid laboratory methods for culture and drug susceptibility tests (DST) of TB.
(2) Training in diagnostics, treatment and prevention of multi drug resistant (MDR) TB, including the development and planning of a new MDR TB ward. HIV complex of problems emphasized.
(3) Improvement of the laboratory and clinical collaboration to achieve more reliable diagnostics and
(4) forming a consilium of local MDR-TB experts, representing various organizations in the region.
Specific objectives/indicators no data
Results 1) Improved rapid TB diagnostics,
2) Improved cooperation between clinic and laboratory,
3) Adequate MDR ward,
4) Improved overall cooperation in the region,
5) Improved collaboration between organizations in the area handling MDR-TB. The most important activities 2008: Training individually and arranging seminars. Supervision. Strengthening of TB organization and collaboration in the region.
Total foreseen budget EUR 812,789
Total implementation costs
(for completed projects, if available)
no data
Conversion to € was done on
(according to the relevant
exchange rate at
Infoeuro Monthly Files)
no data
Financing agencies / organisations Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Project's URL / project's website
Papers associated with this project no data
Further information no data
Last posted: on 2011-03-12 at 15:57:19

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