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Task Groups

Task Groups within the NDPHS

NDPHS expert-level structures include both Expert Groups and Task Groups (to see a graphical presentation of the organisational structure of the NDPHS, please view the organigram). Currently, there are three Task Groups operating within the NDPHS framework:

The Task Groups were established by the Committee of Senior Representatives (CSR) in mid-2010 following the adoption of the new NDPHS Strategy and the assumption by the NDPHS of the lead role for the implementation of the health priority sub-area in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. They partly build on the formerly operating NDPHS Expert Groups (click here to access the documents and minutes of the former Expert Groups) and are meant to be result-oriented structures, which, in accordance with their Terms of Reference adopted by the CSR, focus on the achievement of the agreed NDPHS Goals and Operational Targets.

Each Task Group has a Lead Partner whose role it is to initiate and lead its activities as well as to provide financial support to prompt the group's activities. Task Groups are headed by Chairs, who are supported by vice Chairs and assisted by coordinators.

Consistent with the Oslo Declaration and in accordance with their own Terms of Reference, the Task Groups determine their methods of working (for more details visit the Task Groups’ web pages). This includes, but is not limited to the preparation of activity plans, strategy papers, development of projects and, finally, the organisation of Expert Group meetings (held as many times per year as considered necessary).


The Terms of Reference of the Task Groups require that they prepare progress reports on their activities every year. The progress reports take stock of achievements made, describe enabling factors, strengths, obstacles and constraints regarding each Group’s work, and also present various recommendations to the CSR and/or PAC.

The Task Groups also produce annual work plans setting goals and outlining activities for the upcoming year. These work plans are developed following the Elements for the development of NDPHS EG/TG Annual Work Plans. Current and past work plans are available as annexes to the NDPHS Annual Work Plans.

Documents submitted to Task Group meetings as well as meeting minutes can be found here. These documents can also be accessed through the “Meetings” button on the top menu bar.

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