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NDPHS SIHLWA 7, Ostersund, Sweden

List of the on-line registered participants

ParticipantJob TitleRepresenting
Dr Sven Andreasson Head of department Sweden
Mr Øystein Østraat Advisor Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services
Mr Eric Costen Director, Mental Health and Addictions Canada/ Health Canada/ Mental Health and Addictions
Ms. Hellevi Hatunen Head of International Affairs Family Federation Finland
Dr Pi Högberg Public health planning officer Sweden
Ms Hanna Heikkilä Coordinator Finland/ National Institute for Health and Welfare
Dr. Lydia Heikkilä Project Coordinator FINLAND
Dr Antero HELOMA Principal Medical Adviser Finland
professor Dr Med Lars Jacobsson professor University of Umea,Sweden
Mr Truls Johannessen Region Director The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority
Ms Jessica Johansson Public Health Planning Officer Sweden
Mrs Nina Konttinen Planner City of Helsinki
Ms Hanna Koppelomäki ITA for SIHLWA EG Ministry of Social Affairs and Health/Finland
Mrs Anna Korotkova Deputy Director in International Affairs Russia, Federal Research Institute for Health Care Organization and Information
Mrs Gelena Kriveliene Chief specialist of Public Health Care Division Lithuania
Dr. Ingrid Lycke Ellingsen Psychiatrist Norway
Mrs Lolita Melke - Prizavoite Senior Officer Ministry of Health of Latvia
Dr. Birgit Niclasen GP Home Rule, Greenland
Ms Karin Nilsson Kelly Head of Section Sweden Ministry of Health and Social Affairs
Ms Irma Nool Head, occupational health department Health Care Board
Ms. Isis Marie Aimee Nyampame Public Health Planning Officer Sweden/ Swedish National Institute of Public Health
Mrs Lotta Omma psychologist Sweden / Umeå University
Associate Professor Max Petzold Associate Professor The Nordic Countries/Nordic School of Public Health
Mr. Hasse Schneidermann Secretary General Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network (NordAN)
Dr Boris Sergeyev Lead Researcher Russia, Central Public Health Institute
Mr Janusz Sieroslawski Researcher Warsaw, Poland
Mrs Anna Skvorcovova Executive director Russia, NGO Development Center
Mr Dmitry Titkov project manager National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland
Ms. Suvi Tuomikoski-Koukkula project coordinator in Networking Drug Prevention in Murmansk Region University of Lapland, Department of Social Sciences, Rovaniemi, Finland
Mr Mikko Vienonen Coordinating Chair SIHLWA Finland/ NDPHS
Dr. Stig Vinberg Public Health Planning Officer Sweden/Swedish national Institute of Public Health
Mr Jarkko YLIRUKA Project Planner Finland

32 confirmed participant(s) for SIHLWA 7, Ostersund, Sweden

ParticipantJob TitleRepresenting
MS. Carol Hopkins Co-Chair Health Canada
Mrs Toril Roscher-Nielsen Dir.gen Chair -

2 unconfirmed participant(s) for SIHLWA 7, Ostersund, Sweden

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