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NDPHS SIHLWA 5, Oslo, Norway

List of the on-line registered participants

ParticipantJob Title CountryRepresenting
Ms Inita Avotina head of division Latvia Ministry of Health, Latvia
Mr Bernt Bull Senior Adviser Norway Norway
Ms. Sirje Bunder Chief Specialist Estonia Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs
г-н Михаил ( Mikhail ) Касаткин ( Kasatkin ) главный специалст ( main specialist ) Russian Federation Россия, Комитет по здравоохранению Санкт-Петербурга ( Russia, Public Health Committee of Saint-Petersburg )
Dr Trygve Eklund Director General Norway Norway
Ms Ksenia Glebova Project Manager Finland Finland
Mrs Hanna Heikkilä coordinator Finland Finland/ National Public Health Institute
Dr. Antero Heloma Provincial Adviser for Health Finland Finland
Mr Wiking Husberg Senior Specialist on Occupational Safety and Health Russian Federation ILO Moscow
Prof. Nikolay Izmerov Director Russian Federation Russian Federation, Research Institute of Occupational Health of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Dr. Remigijus Jankauskas director Lithuania Lithuania/Ministry of Health/Institute of Hygiene
Dr Aldona Jociute Head of Bureau for the Health Promoting Schools Lithuania Lithuania
Mr Jørgen Kaurin Senior Adviser Norway Norway
Dr. Natalia Kostenko Deputy chief of the division Russian Federation Russian Federation
Dr. Evgeny Kovalevskiy Leading researcher Russian Federation Russian Federation, Research Institute of Occupational Health of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Prof Evgeny Krupitsky Chief, Depratment of Addictions Russian Federation Russia, ST.-Petersburg Bekhterev Psychoneurological Institute
Dr Kari Kurppa leading expert Finland Finland, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Dr Tiina Laatikainen Chief Physician Finland FINLAND/National Public Health Institute
Ms. Suvi Lehtinen Chief, International Affairs Finland Finland/Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Dr. Timo Leino Chief Physcian Finland Finland/Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Mr. Marek Maciejowski Head of Secretariat Sweden NDPHS Secretariat
Ms. Louise Malmgren Public health planning officer Sweden SNIPH
Ms Lolita Melke Senior officer Latvia Department of public health
Dr Lars Moller Project Manager Denmark World Health Organization
Ms Marjatta Montonen Finland Finland
Dr. Simon-Peter Neumer Senior Researcher Norway Norway
Mr. Juuso Nieminen Project Planner Finland Finland
Mrs Irma Nool Head, Department of occupational health Estonia Health Care Board
Ass. Prof Max Petzold Senior Lecturer Sweden Nordic School of Public Health
Ms. Iisi Saame Chief Specialist Estonia Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs
Mrs Maria Sagitova Project coordinator Russian Federation Russia, St-Petersburg, Informational office of Nordic Council of MInisters
Mr. Hasse Schneidermann Secretary General Denmark Nordic / Baltic
Mr Robert Shearer Counsellor, Health and Social Affairs Belgium Brussels, Belgium
Mr Janusz Sieroslawski Researcher Polska Warsaw, Poland
Mrs Anna Skvorcovova Director Russian Federation Russia, Information and Analyses Center for Social and Health NGOs
Mr Bengt Sundbaum Public Health Planning Officer Sweden Swedish National Institute of Public Health
Mr Juri Tomilov Adviser Norway Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation
Mr. Bernd Treichel Senior Adviser Sweden NDPHS Secretariat
Dr. Mikko VIENONEN Coordinating Chair / SIHLWA Finland NDPHS/ SIHLWA
Mr Arvid Wangberg Project Director Norway Østfold County Council NO

41 confirmed participant(s) for SIHLWA 5, Oslo, Norway

ParticipantJob Title CountryRepresenting
Mr Niels Kr. Rasmussen Senior Researcher Denmark National Institute of Public Health DK

1 unconfirmed participant(s) for SIHLWA 5, Oslo, Norway

The participants who have registered for the event, but have not confirmed their registration are requested to promptly complete the registration procedure. This should be done by clicking on the confirmation link at the bottom of the e-mail "Request for confirmation of the registration for SIHLWA 5, Oslo, Norway" sent to you by the server.

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