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NDPHS PPHS 2, Oslo, Norway

List of the on-line registered participants

ParticipantJob Title CountryRepresenting
Dr Göran Carlsson Senior Advisor Sweden Sweden
Dr. Knud Christensen Chief physician Denmark Denmark
Ms Silvija Juscenko Senior Adviser Sweden NDPHS Secretariat
Mr. Denis Kochkarev Chief specialist Russian Federation Russia, Federal Research Institute for Health Care Organization and Information of MoH&SD of RF
Dr. Marc Lehmann Chief medical officer Germany Germany
Mr. Aigars Miezitis Project manager Latvia Latvia
Dr., Prof. Yulia Mikhaylova 1 Deputy Director Russian Federation Russia, Federal Research Institute for Health Care Organization and Information of MoH&SD of RF
Ms Maria Jose Peiro Project Coordinator, Migration Health Belgium International Organization for Migration
MD. PhD. Jacek Putz lecturer Poland Poland, Ministry of Health
Dr Helena Silfverhielm Medical adviser Sweden Sweden
Dr Zaza Tsereteli International Technical Advisor Estonia NDPHS
Ms Paula Vainiomäki clinical teacher Finland Finland
Ms Brenda van den Bergh Technical Officer Prison and Health Denmark World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe
Ms Christine von Hielmcrone co-worker Germany eHealth for Regions Network, Management Secretariat, Germany

14 confirmed participant(s) for PPHS 2, Oslo, Norway

ParticipantJob Title CountryRepresenting
Mr Arnoldas Jurgutis International Technical Advisor Lithuania PPHS EG, NDPHS
Dr Simo Kokko Development manager Finland Finland, National Institute for Health and Welfare

2 unconfirmed participant(s) for PPHS 2, Oslo, Norway

The participants who have registered for the event, but have not confirmed their registration are requested to promptly complete the registration procedure. This should be done by clicking on the confirmation link at the bottom of the e-mail "Request for confirmation of the registration for PPHS 2, Oslo, Norway" sent to you by the server.

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