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NDPHS Healthy lifestyle - public health, Russia

List of the on-line registered participants

ParticipantJob TitleRepresenting
Dr. Ali Arsalo Chair HIV/AIDS&AI Expert Group
Mr LAURI BEEKMANN chairman Estonian Temperance Union
Dr Göran Carlsson Senior Advisor Sweden
Dr. Ludmila Degtyareva assotiate professor Russia, St-Petersburg
Mr. Erdem Erginel Policy Officer European Commission
Dr. Elena Golubeva Deputy Director Nordic Council of Ministers
Mr. Wiking Husberg Senior OSH Specialist ILO
Mr Thomas Ifland AdvisorAdvisor German MoH
Prof. Nikola Izmerov Director Russian Federation, Research Institute of Occupational Health of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Ms. Jadwiga Jaszczyk Director Poland/Office for Foreign Aid Programs in Health Care
Ms Silvija Juscenko Senior Adviser NDPHS Secretariat
Ms Outi Karvonen International Technical Advisor HIV/AIDS&AI Expert Group
Mr Riza Kasimov Director Vologda Regional Center for Medical Prevention (БУЗ ВО "Вологодский областной центр медицинской профилактики"
Dr Rok Ho Kim Scientist World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe, ECEH Bonn office
Ms Outi Kohtamäki Volunteer Booze Rebellion
Dr Tatiana Kolpakova Liaison Officer Russian Federation, WHO country office
Dr. Anna Korotkova Deputy Director Russia, Federal Research Institute for Health Care Organization and Information of MoH&SD of RF
Mrs, Prof., Dr. Evgenia Koshkina Director The Russian Federation, National Research Center on Addictions Ministry of Public Health and Social Development
Prof.,Dr. Evgenia Koshkina Director National Research Center on Fddictions, Ministry of Health, Rushian Federation
ms Anna Koziel National Professional Officer WHO
Mr Olli Kuukasjärvi Ministerial Adviser Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Mr Oleg Kuvshinnikov Chairman of the Healthy Cities Association Healthy Cities Association
Professor Olga Kuznetsova Head of department Russia/University
Mrs Katja Lahikainen Coordinator Northern Dimension Institute
Ms Suvi Lehtinen Chief,, International Affairs Finland
Ms Jenni Lehtisalo Researcher Finland
Mr Marek Maciejowski Head of Secretariat NDPHS Secretariat
Ms Paula Mannonen free-lancer Finland/ Finnish Centre for Health Promotion
Mrs Soili Mäkeläinen-Buhanist Director Finland
Mrs Päivi Mäki Specialist Finland/ National Institute for Health and Welfare
Dr. Yulia Mikhaylova First Deputy Director FRIHOI
Mr. Rinalds Muciņš State Secretary Latvia, Ministry of Health
Dr. Andrey Nevskiy Deputy Director Russia, DAPC
Ms Liisa Ollila Deputy Director-General Head of EU and International Affairs Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Mr Yury Petrov Head of the Department Public Health Care Committee of St Petersburg
Ms Elena Pfau Project coordinator Public Health Care Committee of St Petersburg
Prof. Pekka Puska Director General Finland, National Institute for Health and Welfare - THL
Ms. Agnese Raboviča Head of Division of the European Affairs and International Cooperation Latvia, Ministry of Health
Ms Silva Rikala Presentator of Kännikapina Finland
Ms Liis Rooväli Head of Department of the Health Information and Analysis Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs
Mr. Marat Rudakov OSH project coordinator ILO
Dr. Maria Sagitova Adviser Nordic Council of Ministers
Mr. Mark Schindel Senior Advisor Canada
Prof, Dr Yury Shcherbuk Chairman Public Health Care of St Petersburg
Ms Tatiana Shestakova CEO of the Healthy Cities Association Healthy Cities Association
Dr Helena Silfverhielm PPHS EG Chair Sweden
ms Minna Sinkkonen project manager THL
Dr. Rita Sketerskiene Head of Public health Care Division Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania
Mrs Anna Skvortsova Executive director Russia / NGO Development Center
Mrs Margarita Smirnovskaya Scientific Secretary Russia, National Research Center on Addictions, MHSD RF
Ms Mariliis Tael Specialist Estonia, National Institute for Health Development
Mrs Kaarina Tamminiemi Planning officer Finland
Mr Dmitry Titkov project manager Finland
Ms Marja Tuomi NCD ITA Finland
Dr. Mikko Vienonen NCD EG Chair Finland/MoSA&H/NCD
Dr. Tatyana Zarubina President of Medical group " Gasprom Optica" Russia
Dr Vladimir Zholobov Senior Vice-Chairman Public Health Care Committee of St Petersburg

57 confirmed participant(s) for Healthy lifestyle - public health, Russia

No unconfirmed participants registered for Healthy lifestyle - public health, Russia

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