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NDPHS CSR 19, Brussels, Belgium

List of the on-line registered participants

ParticipantJob TitleRepresenting
Dr. Ali Arsalo Chair HIV/AIDS&AI Expert Group
Ms. Yulia Bakonina senior specialist Russia, MoH&SD of RF
Dr Alexandre Berlin Honorary Director SEEHN
Ambassador Carola Bjørklund Ambassador Norway
Mr Bernt Bull Senior Advisor Senior Advisor Norway
Dr Göran Carlsson Senior Advisor Sweden
Dr Isabel De la Mata Principal adviser with special interest in Public Health European Commission, DG Health & Consumers
Mr Wojciech Drozd Chairman The Union of the Baltic Cities, Commission on Health and Social Affairs
Mr. Erdem Erginel Policy Officer European Commission
Mr Sylvain Giraud Deputising for the Head of Unit Belgium/European Commission/DG SANCO
Ms Vibeke Gundersen Senior Adviser Norway
Ms Eeva-Liisa Haapaniemi Consul Finland, General Consulate in Saint Petersburg
Mr Bernd Hemingway Regional Director International Organization for Migration
Ms Svenja Herrmann Partnerships Officer WHO Regional Office for Europe
Mr Thomas Ifland Advisor Germany
Ms. Jadwiga Jaszczyk Director Poland/Office for Foreign Aid Programs in Health Care
Dr Arnoldas Jurgutis ITA NDPHS
Ms Silvija Juscenko Senior Adviser NDPHS Secretariat
Ms Outi Karvonen International Technical Advisor HIV/AIDS&AI Expert Group
Dr. Anna Korotkova Deputy Director Russia, Federal Research Institute for Health Care Organization and Information of MoH&SD of RF
Ms Jelena Kundacina Liaison Officer Belgium / IOM / SEEHN & IOM
Mr Olli Kuukasjärvi Ministerial Adviser Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Mr Anders Lindholm Programme Officer European Commission
Mr Marek Maciejowski Head of Secretariat NDPHS Secretariat
Mr. Viktoras Meižis Head of EU Affairs and International Relations division Lithuania
Dr., Prof. Yulia Mikhaylova 1 Deputy Director Russian Federation
Dr Canice Nolan Senior Coordinator for Global health European Commission
Ms Liisa Ollila Deputy Director-General, Head of EU and International Affairs Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Ms Maria Jose Peiro Project Coordinator, Migration Health International Organization for Migration
MR Yuri Proskurnikov Attache Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia
Mr Martynas Pukas Health Attache Lithuania/Ministry of Health
Mr Christian Rabergh TNC Coordinator Sw ESF Council
Ms Agnese Rabovica Head of European Affairs and International Cooperation Division Latvia, Ministry of Health
Dr Liis Rooväli Head of Health Information and Analysis Department Estonia
Dr Helena Silfverhielm Medical adviser Sweden
Ms Minna Sinkkonen project manager THL
Dr. Evgeny Slastnykh Chief of division Russia
Ms Hilde Sundrehagen Deputy Director General Norway
Dr Zaza Tsereteli International Technical Advisor NDPHS
Ms Marja Tuomi NCD ITA Finland
Dr. Mikko Vienonen NCD EG Chair Finland/MoSA&H/NCD

41 confirmed participant(s) for CSR 19, Brussels, Belgium

No unconfirmed participants registered for CSR 19, Brussels, Belgium

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