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NDPHS ADPY TG 5, Kaliningrad, Russia

List of the on-line registered participants

ParticipantJob TitleRepresenting
Ms Therese Ahl Coordinator Sweden/Nynäshamn Municipality
Mr Jens Joachim Guslund Senior Adviser Norwegian Directorate of Health
Ms Erla Maria Jonsdottir Tolgyes Intern Student at Reykjavik University Reykjavik
Mr Ole Martin Jorgensen Outreach worker Drammen municipality
Mr Marek Maciejowski Director of Secretariat NDPHS Secretariat
Ms Viktorija Ričkutė Public Health Specialist Klaipeda City Public Health Bureau
Mr Harald Schønning-Lykke Outreach worker Drammen municipality
Mr Jon Sigfusson Director Reykjavik University
Mrs Ann-Louise Sirén Health pedagogue Sweden/Stockholm county council/Centre for Epidemiology and Community Medicine
Mrs Mia Sundelin coordinator Sweden
Ms Liselott Vahermägi Chairman School and education comittee Municipality of Nynäshamn

11 confirmed participant(s) for ADPY TG 5, Kaliningrad, Russia

No unconfirmed participants registered for ADPY TG 5, Kaliningrad, Russia

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