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Combating HIV and TB through a joint regional action
NDPHS PAC-10 side-event

21 November 2013, Helsinki, Finland


Invitation to the PAC 10 Side EventPDF Document  
Practical information for participantsMS Word DocumentPDF Document 
Revised preliminary list of participantsMS Word Document PDF Document
Preliminary list of participantsMS Word DocumentPDF Document 
On-line registration form (deadline for registration: 2013-11-19)  HTML Document
List of the on-line registered participants  HTML Document


CodeTitleSubmitted byFiles
PAC-10/Side event/1 rev 2Final ProgrammeHIV/AIDS&AI EGMS Word DocumentPDF Document
PAC-10/side event/1 rev 1Revised Draft ProgrammeHIV/AIDS&AI Expert GroupMS Word DocumentPDF Document
PAC 10/side event/1Draft ProgrammeHIV/AIDS&AI EG ITAMS Word DocumentPDF Document
PAC 10/side event/2 rev. 1Revised Draft Statement for submission to the ministerial-level PAC 10HIV/AIDS&AI EGMS Word DocumentPDF Document
PAC 10/side event/2Draft Statement for submission to the ministerial-level PAC 10HIV/AIDS&AI EG MS Word DocumentPDF Document


Epidemiological situation of HIV and tuberculosis and most affected populations in the Northern Dimension countries (Dr. Marc Sprenger) PDF Document
Social determinants social protection for TB - from evidence to policy (Dr. Knut Lönnroth) PDF Document
Contextual overview with reference to MDG Goal 6 and projection for Post-2015 (Dr. Anna Marzec-Boguslawska) PDF Document
MDR TB - threat or challenge? (Prof. Irina Vasilyeva) PDF Document
Combating HIV - international cooperation (Prof. Vladimir Shuhov) PDF Document
TB and HIV in Russian prison system (Prof. Yulia Mikhaylova) PDF Document
Effective prevention of HIV and TB among key populations at risk (Dr. Maris Jesse) PDF Document
Presentation of the Statement (Dr. Mika Salminen) PDF Document
NDPHS Statement "Impact of the HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis on people and economies of the Northern Dimension Countries - status quo and the way forward (Approved by NDPHS PAC on 22 November) PDF Document

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