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6th Meeting of the Expert Group on Prison Health
(and a joint session of all NDPHS Expert Groups).

30 September - 01 October 2008, Oslo, Norway


Invitation to the 6th working meeting of the PH EGMS Word Document 
Overall provisional programme with timetableMS Word DocumentPDF Document
On-line registration form HTML Document
List of the on-line registered participants HTML Document


CodeTitleSubmitted byFiles
PH 6/3/1Provisional agenda with timetableITA in coordination with the PH EG ChairMS Word Document 
PH 6/3/2Provisional annotated agendaPH EG ITA in coordination with the PH EG ChairMS Word Document 
PH 6/5/InfoThe Canadian Correctional Public Health Program Ann Marie Hume,Director General, Public Health Correctional Service of CanadaMS PowerPoint Presentation 
PH 6/6/InfoVisit to Arkhangelsk Tuberculosis Control Programme, by LHLNorwegian Heart and Lung Patients Organisation MS Word Document 
PH 6/8/ Info 1Progress report for the PH EG 2008PH EG ITA in coordination with the PH EG ChairMS Word Document 
PH 6/8/Info 2Working plan for 2009PH EG ITA in coordination with the PH EG ChairMS Word Document 
PH 6/10/1Project Prosal : HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care for female prisoners PH EG ITAMS Word Document 
PH 6/11/InfoNDPHS Evaluation report SecretariatPDF Document 
PH 6/Info 1Practical information for participants SecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
PH 6/Info 2List of documentsSecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document


Partnership in the fight against Tuberculosis (TB)  
Baltic Sea Region Strategy  MS PowerPoint Presentation
The organization of penitentiary public health services in the Republic of Belarus MS PowerPoint Presentation
WHO Health in Prisons Project (HIPP) MS PowerPoint Presentation
Minutes from the Sixth meting of PH EG  MS Word Document

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