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3rd meeting of the expert group on non-communicable diseases related to lifestyles and social and work environments

03 - 04 October 2011, Kaliningrad, Russia


Invitation to the 3rd NCD EG meeting and to the 3rd NCD flagship project planning meetingMS Word Document 
Invitation for visaMS Word Document 
Practical information for participants PDF Document
On-line registration form HTML Document
List of the on-line registered participants HTML Document


CodeTitleSubmitted byFiles
NCD-EG&FLAG-PRO 3/1Provisional Programme ITAMS Word Document 
NCD-EG 3/2/Rev 1Provisional agendaITAMS Word Document 
Background Info/1Concept of NCD Flagship-project-A (update 12 Aug 2011)EG ITAMS Word DocumentPDF Document
Background Info/2Concept of NCD Flagship-project-B (update 12 Aug 2011)EG ITAMS Word DocumentPDF Document
Background Info/3New NCD goal 12 draft (16 Aug)ITA PDF Document
Background Info/4NDPHS goals, operational targets and indicatorsITA PDF Document
Background Info/5WHO 2008-2013 Action Plan for the Global Strategy for the Prevention and Control of NCDsITA PDF Document
Background Info/6WHO Euro Action Plan for Food and Nutrition Policy 2007-2012ITA PDF Document
Background Info/7Parma Declaration on Environment and HealthITA PDF Document
Background Info/8WHO Baku ResolutionITA PDF Document
Background Info/9UN General Assembly Declaration on Prevention and Control of NCDsITA PDF Document
Background Info/10WHO Global Status Report on NCD, 2010ITA PDF Document
Background Info/11WHO Euro NCD Strategy 2012-2016ITA PDF Document
Background Info/12Draft NDPHS Action Plan on healthy lifestyles and NCD prevention and control 2012-2016ITA PDF Document


Minutes of the 3rd NCD expert group meeting Kaliningrad, Russian Federation MS Word DocumentPDF Document
M Vienonen and K Lahikainen: FLAG-PRO A & B Status ReportMS PowerPoint Presentation 
J Bertrand Budget preparationPDF Document 
J Bertrand Sources of funding & modalitiesPDF Document 
J Bertrand Work Plan NCDEG October-December PDF Document
Final list of participantsMS Word DocumentPDF Document
NCD EG 2011 personal annual reports: Mäki and Vienonen PDF Document
NCD EG Annual progress report for 2011 MS Word DocumentPDF Document
NCD EG Work Plan 2012 PDF Document
NCD EG Thematic paper for PAC-8 side-event PDF Document
Action Statement for PAC-8 side-event PDF Document
Personal annual report formMS Word Document 

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