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12th meeting of the Expert Group on Non-Communicable Diseases

30 November 2016, Moscow, Russian Federation


Invitation to the 12th (2) meeting of the NCD EG PDF Document
Practical information MS Word Document
On-line registration form (deadline for registration: 2016-11-29) HTML Document
List of the on-line registered participants HTML Document


CodeTitleSubmitted byFiles
03-12(2)2016Provisional agenda with timetable NcD EG SecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
06-12(2)2016The NDPHS Working Plan 2016NCD EG SecretariatPDF Document 
07-12(2)2016The NDPHS Working Plan 2017NCD EG SecretariatMS Word Document 
08-12(2)2016Message from 12th PAC Side-event participants, 27th November, 2016NCD EG SecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
09-12(2)2016NDPHS Seminar at the 7th Annual EUSBSR Strategy Forum “Wealthier and healthier, or just the opposite?” Moderator’s conclusions NCD EG SecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
10-12(2)2016E-News Letter: NDPHS PAC side-event discusses PYLL Study outcomesNCD EG SecretariatPDF Document 
11-12(2)2016Letter of support for the Project "For Better Health"NCD EG SecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
20-12(2)2016NCD EG from Russia Progress report for 2016 and an action plan for 2017NCD EG SecretariatPDF Document 
24-12(2)2016Sweden Progress Report 2016 "Vision: A public health that strengthens the positive development of society"NCD EG SecretariatPDF Document 
05-12(2)2016161125_ND-PYLL Study_Final reportNCD EG SecretariatPDF Document 


25 01 17 List of ParticipantsMS Word DocumentPDF Document
25 01 17 Agenda 12 Meeting NCD EGPDF Document 
25 01 17 WELCOME SPEECH 30 11 16 NCD EG ChairPDF Document 
25 01 17 Meeting Minutes revisedMS Word DocumentPDF Document
Letter of support - EUSBSR Seed Money Facility -- "For Better Health" (Ref. MM-161203-03)PDF Document 
ND-PYLL Study Report on the seminars_20112016PDF Document 
ND-PYLL Study_Report on preliminary results_20112016PDF Document 
PYLL NDPHS 2013 PP-screens prepared by Mikko Vienonen 23112016PDF Document 
ASA EG PresentationPDF Document 
Project "Platform for health literacy promotion"PDF Document 
Project "Assessment of NCD and NCD risk factors screening and follow-up programs in NDPHS Country Partners for selection of the best practices"PDF Document 

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