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11th meeting of the Expert Group on Non-Communicable Diseases

08 April 2016, Moscow, Russian Federation


Invitation letter PDF Document
Agenda PDF Document
Practical information for participants PDF Document
On-line registration form (deadline for registration: 2016-04-06) HTML Document
List of the on-line registered participants HTML Document


CodeTitleSubmitted byFiles
01-11(1)2016Opening speechNCD EG SecretariatPDF Document 
02-11(1)2016Provisional annotated agendaNCD EG SecretariatMS Word Document 
03-11(1)2016Preliminary list of participantsNCD EG SecretariatMS Word Document 
04-11(1)2016Project idea “DOWN with NCDs”NCD EG SecretariatMS Word Document 
05-11(1)2016Project Idea "UP! Be healthier: eat better, move more! – Best practices for empowering school-age children to make healthy decision on physical activity and diet"NCD EG SecretariatPDF Document 
06-11(1)2016The Action Plan accompanies the NDPHS Strategy 2020 and contains detailed information on the planned activities and expected results of the joint work in the period of 2015-2017.NCD EG SecretariatPDF Document 
08-11(1)2017Latvia. Presentation: "Public Health Policy in Latvia: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention"NCD EG Secretariat PDF Document
09-11(1)2016Lithuania. "Implementation of Health in All Policies on the local level for more effective prevention of non-communicable diseases"NCD EG SecretariatMS Word Document 
10-11(1)2016Sweden. "Activity plan NCD 2016 – 2017"NCD EG SecretariatMS Word Document 
10-01-11(1)2016Sweden NCD EG April, 2016 presentationNCD EG SecretariatPDF Document 
11-11(1)2016Russian NCD EG PresentationNCD EG SecretariatMS PowerPoint Presentation 
12-11(1)2016 NCD Individual Expert Groups’ Terms of ReferenceNCD EG SecretariatMS Word Document 
13-11(1)2016WHO-EURO NCDs Assesssment GuideNCD EG SecretariatPDF Document 
-WHO-EURO NCDs Assessment Guide, Russian versionNCD EG SecretariatPDF Document 
-ANNEX-2_ESTONIA_Better-NCD-outcomes-challenges-opportunityes-HSS_AssessmentNCD EG SecretariatPDF Document 


Adopted agendaMS Word Document 
Adopted annotated agendaMS Word Document 
List of ParticipantsMS Word Document 
Draft minutes of the meetingMS Word Document 
BMJ_Risk Factors and CHD Mortality in Finland_2016PDF Document 
Sweden Disease prevention guidelinesPDF Document 
Adopted by the 11th meeting the Individual ToR of NCD EG MS Word Document

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