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21st Meeting of the Committee of Senior Representatives

11 - 12 April 2013, Tallinn, Estonia


CSR Chair invitation to the CSR 21MS Word DocumentPDF Document
Practical information for participantsMS Word DocumentPDF Document
Preliminary timetableMS Word DocumentPDF Document
List of documentsMS Word DocumentPDF Document
Revised list of documentsMS Word DocumentPDF Document
2nd revised list of documentsMS Word DocumentPDF Document
3rd revised list of documentsMS Word DocumentPDF Document
Preliminary list of participantsMS Word DocumentPDF Document
On-line registration form HTML Document
List of the on-line registered participants HTML Document


CodeTitleSubmitted byFiles
CSR 21/2/1Provisional agenda with timetableSecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 21/2/2Provisional annotated agendaSecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 21/3/1eHealth as a facilitator for quality, efficiency and equality in Health Care in the Baltic Sea RegioneHealth for Regions NetworkMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 21/4/Info 1Meetings of relevance to the NDPHS, which were recently attended or are planned to be attended by the CSR Chair Country and/or the SecretariatSecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 21/6.2/1Draft NDPHS proposal regarding the health-related targets and indicators for the EUSBSRHIV/AIDS&AI EG ChairMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 21/6.3/1Thematic focus and modalities of NDPHS EUSBSR conferenceSecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 21/6.4/1NDPHS’ Arctic approach: current state of affairsSecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 21/6.4/1/Rev 1NDPHS’ Arctic approach: current state of affairsSecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 21/8/1Proposed template for the NDPHS Expert and Task Groups’ final reports covering the entire period of their mandatesSecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 21/9.2/1Proposed draft Statement from the PAC 10 side-eventHIV/AIDS&AI EGMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 21/9.2/2Proposed draft PAC 10 side-event programmeHIV/AIDS&AI EGMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 21/10/Info 1Dates, locations and hosts of CSR meetingsSecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document


CSR 21 Meeting minutesMS Word DocumentPDF Document
NCD Expert Group presentation (also on behalf of the OSH and IMHAP Task Groups) PDF Document
Presentation by Ms Anna-Lena Pohl MS PowerPoint PresentationPDF Document
PPHS Expert Group presentation (primary health)MS PowerPoint PresentationPDF Document
HIV/AIDS&AI Expert Group presentationMS PowerPoint PresentationPDF Document

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