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12th Meeting of the Expert Group on Alcohol and Substance Abuse (ASA EG)

19 - 20 April 2016, Warsaw, Poland


ASA EG Chair and ITA invitation to the meetingMS Word DocumentPDF Document
Practical Information for participantsMS Word DocumentPDF Document
On-line registration form (deadline for registration: 2016-04-04) HTML Document
List of the on-line registered participants HTML Document


CodeTitleSubmitted byFiles
ASA 12/2/1Draft provisional agenda with timetableITA in coordination with the Chair and Co-ChairMS Word DocumentPDF Document 
ASA 12/2/2Provisional annotated agendaITA in Coordination with the ChairMS Word DocumentPDF Document 
ASA 12/9/1ASA EG Terms of Reference (TOR)ITAMS Word DocumentPDF Document 
ASA 12/10/1Elements for the development of NDPHS EG Annual Work PlansITAMS Word DocumentPDF Document 
ASA 12/10/2Proposed ASA EG Work Plan for 2016ITA in Coordination with the ChairMS Word DocumentPDF Document 
ASA 12/11/Info 1Project on surveillance of alcohol and drug use among hospitalized somatic patients. Report for 2015ITA in Coordination with the Project Leader MS Word DocumentPDF Document
ASA 12/11/Info 2ASA EG Progress Report for 2015ITA in Coordination with the ChairMS Word DocumentPDF Document 
ASA 12/12/1Monitoring Local Alcohol Prevention in Sweden. Research Report artcileITAPDF Document  


ASA EG 12 meeting minutesMS Word DocumentPDF Document
National Bureau for Drug Prevention. Presentation by Mrs. Bogusława BukowskaMS PowerPoint Presentation 
Country update - Sweden. Presentation by Ms. P.HögbergPDF Document 
Medical Drugs, Intoxication Substances, and Somatic Diseases. Presentation by Prof.E.KoshkinaMS PowerPoint Presentation 
Estonian alcohol policy Update April 2016. Presentation by Ms. T.TahtMS PowerPoint Presentation 
Use of Psychoactive Substances by Youth in Poland. Presentation by Mr. J.SieroslawskiMS PowerPoint Presentation 
Implementation of the European action plan on alcohol and health 2012 - 2020. Presentation by Dr. Lars Møller (WHO)MS PowerPoint Presentation 
ALCOHOL CONTROL POLICY IN LITHUANIA. Presentation by Dr. Audrone Astrauskiene MS PowerPoint Presentation 

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