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Actors involved

Integrated and coordinated governance as well as shared responsibility play an important role in the successful implementation of the Strategy. The stakeholders taking part in the implementation of the Strategy are:

Contact information for the above groups can be found on the EUSBSR website

The roles and responsibilities of these stakeholders are described in the EUSBSR Action Plan. The success of the Strategy depends on the involvement of all relevant stakeholders, therefore it is important that all stakeholders on the local and regional level are involved when and where relevant. 

The NDPHS is the Policy Area Coordinator of the "Health" Policy Area in the EUSBSR. By assuming this role, the NDPHS has committed itself to facilitating and, in some cases, implementing the relevant actions and projects mentioned in the Action Plan. To that end, the NDPHS works to, inter alia, bring together the relevant stakeholders, facilitate and monitor the implementation of projects and periodically report to the European Commission on the progress achieved. 

Call for action 

We invite all interested stakeholders to join our efforts. You can become involved, by participating in project activities facilitated by the NDPHS, or may choose to develop your own activities that contribute to the implementation of the EUSBSR Action Plan. 

You are also invited to use the tools (listed below), developed by the NDPHS, which aim at better coordination of activities performed by stakeholders. 

Useful facilitation tools offered by NDPHS

The NDPHS invites the stakeholders, who are developing project ideas in the area of health and social well-being consistent with the EU BSR Strategy, to use the following tools developed by the NDPHS:

Funding sources

Whereas the Funding opportunities web page available in the Info Corner provides information about multitude of funding sources, the following section offers information exclusively aimed to aid the implementation of the EUSBSR. 

As a matter of principle, the EUSBSR does not imply any additional new funding sources. However, the NDPHS may provide you with advice regarding sources of financing for certain projects. 

For stakeholders interested in developing regional projects, the Seed Money support provided by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020 can be of interest. The Seed Money provides financial support for the preparation of applications for funding available for regional projects in line with the Action Plan for the EUSBSR.

All applications for funding should include a letter of support from the relevant Policy Area Coordinator (PAC) or Horizontal Action Coordinator (HAC). In the case of health related projects, the NDPHS Secretariat is the PAC which should express support. We recommend that an organisation that would like to develop a project in line with the EUSBSR Action Plan get in touch with us to discuss further details. If you would like to request support from the NDPHS for your project proposal, please consult the NDPHS criteria and procedure for issuing Letters of Support for Policy Area Health project applications for submission to the EUSBSR Seed Money Facility and get in touch with the NDPHS Secretariat.

Key facts about the Seed Money support: 

Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme Manual for the period of 2014-2020 (Seed Money Chapter J) offer more detailed information on the application process. You may also contact the Facility’s staff directly at and +49 381 45484 5294 or + 49 381 45484 5272 with any questions you have on the application process.

Moreover, the NDPHS, as the PA Health Coordinator, is responsible for issuing letters of support for project applications under the regular project calls of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020. More information about funding and how to apply is available on the Programme’s homepage.

If you are submitting an application and wish to receive a Letter of Support, please contact the NDPHS Secretariat as soon as possible. Requests for a Letter of Support need to be submitted no later than one month prior to when the lead applicant plans to submit their application for funding. For further information can be found in the NDPHS procedure for issuing Letters of Support to projects applying for Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020.

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