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29 June

Why is the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region ideally suited to generate and implement solutions to the needs of older adults in our countries? How judging people based on their age impacts young and old alike?

Dr. Ülla-Karin Nurm, director at the NDPHS Secretariat speaks with POMORSKIE Regional EU Office about challenges and vision for improving active and healthy ageing in the Baltic Sea Region.

Read a full article:

11 MarchStatement by the National Coordinators Group of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region concerning the suspension of cooperation with Russia and Belarus


Referring to the European Council conclusions of 24 February 2022 on Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified military aggression against Ukraine, the cooperation with the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus within the framework of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) shall be suspended.


The National Coordinators Group (NCG) of the EUSBSR shall not support any actions of the Policy Areas of the EUSBSR that would include the Russian Federation and/or the Republic of Belarus as observers/ partners/members of the Steering Groups of the Policy Areas and in any other capacity. The Policy Areas of the EUSBSR shall also make sure that the cooperation to date is suspended with immediate effect and new partnerships with these countries shall not be created.


The NCG shall ensure the proper adjustment of the functioning of the EUSBSR in these changed circumstances.

Main source EUSBSR

28 JanuaryConnecting minds for healthy lives. Sharing knowledge. Learning from each other. Caring for people. NDPHS is delighted to announce our new visual identity.

NDPHS is delighted to announce our new visual identity. It is inspired by traditional weaving and characteristic folk patterns that are uniquely associated with the Northern Dimension area. Although being contemporary and minimal, geometric shapes and lines evoke nostalgic memories of warm sweaters, cozy scarves, and traditional blankets.

The threads are intertwined with each other just as partner countries work together to create a strong and efficient partnership. Connecting together they form the „X” sign, which is commonly used as a symbol of collaboration.
The color palette with shades of blue creates a resemblance to water and snow that are so common across the area in combination with warm ruby red associated with a human touch and health.

Visual identity is developed by a branding studio Podpunkt (Poland) under the implementation of a three-year-long EU grant project "More impact together to empower Northern Stakeholders" (Mittens). The new visual identity will be adopted and fully integrated during the first half of 2022.

27 January

We care for our community of members and followers, and we want to come one more step closer to you.

You are invited to check out the newest video with one of the highlights from 2021: a theme close to our Expert Groups' daily work today and for the years to come – active and healthy ageing.

Connect with us and watch a short recap or a full version from the online Conference: Connecting minds across the ages about transforming public attitudes towards older people and promoting intergenerational contacts and inclusivity in service design and policymaking.

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