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SIHLWA Northwest Russia Stakeholder analysis

Project title SIHLWA Northwest Russia Stakeholder analysis
Database Data inserted through the NDPHS Project Pipeline
ID in the source database
Thematic area
  • Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco
  • Child and Adolescent Health
  • Health Promotion, Education and Information
  • Lifestyle-related Diseases
Topic The proposed stakeholder analysis supports the expert group within the Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Wellbeing on Non-communicable Diseases and Promotion of Health and Socially rewarding Lifestyles (SIHLWA/Social Inclusion, Healthy Lifestyles and Workability) providing information on the relevant actors in the field. The study will be carried out in partnership with two competent Russian institutions and will focus on the North West Russia.
Project geographical area Russia
Substate level / administrative units /regions
  • Karelia Republic
  • Leningrad Oblast
  • Murmansk Oblast
  • St. Petersburg
Lead partner (organisation) National Institute for Health and Welfare, International Affairs, Finland
Lead partner (owner or/and project manager) no data
Partner organisations Information and Analysis Center for Social and Health NGOs in St Petersburg
Start date 2008-09-01
End date 2009-04-30
Duration (months) 8
Target audience 1. The direct beneficiaries will be the civil service, research and other institutions and NGOs in the partner countries and target regions as well as individual experts working within health and social sector.
2. The indirect, final beneficiaries of the stakeholder analysis will be the population in the partnership regions and countries as actual information related to the thematic areas will be readily available for improved networking and exchange of information for key stakeholders and other main actors.
Summary The SIHLWA, Expert Group under NDPHS agreed that there is a need to have a better picture and understanding of different actors and stakeholders in the sector addressed by SIHLWA. In particular, this means actors and their activities aiming on prevention of negative effects of alcohol use and promotion of healthy lifestyles among young people as well as occupational safety at work. Many institutions, incl. research organizations and NGOs, (military and religious/faith-based organizations included) work towards these goals, but we do not always know who they are and what exactly they have done or are doing.
Background When the Partnership was built it was stated that it will build on, enhance and support existing national and international activities within its scope. To be able to build on previous experiences there is a need to have actual information about most important key stakeholders as well as projects/programmes in the area. However not much has been systematically done so far to enhance and support this kind information gathering. A reason to this might be that the Partnership mechanisms for the NDPHS are still somewhat premature and the roles and responsibilities of different actors are not clear and the funding for coordination mechanisms of activities is almost non-existent.
Objectives The overall objective and purpose of the stakeholder analysis is to improve the health and wellbeing of the population in the partner countries.
Specific objectives/indicators The study will provide all interested partner countries with:
a) up-to-date information on the most important stakeholders and expert organisations and other actors like NGOs and even industries within the project area related to 1) alcohol and 2) adolescent health and socially rewarding lifestyles and up-dated information on 3) workability; and
b) a review of most important/successful programmes/projects related to these areas for improved networking and exchange of information and know-how and
c) concrete ideas for future cooperation.
Results The main result will be a report including a list of main stakeholders as well as information about past/ongoing projects (lessons learnt) as well as concrete ideas for future cooperation in order to promote sustainable development in the Northern Dimension as well as in the target regions by improving human health, social wellbeing and social inclusion.
Total foreseen budget EUR 57,864
Total implementation costs
(for completed projects, if available)
no data
Conversion to € was done on
(according to the relevant
exchange rate at
Infoeuro Monthly Files)
no data
Financing agencies / organisations Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Project's URL / project's website no data
Papers associated with this project Final Report of Project "SIHLWA Northwest Russia Stakeholder Analysis"
Further information no data
Last posted: on 2011-03-12 at 16:25:24

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