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TB29: Reconstruction of MDR-TB wards in Arkhangelsk TB Dispensary

Project title TB29: Reconstruction of MDR-TB wards in Arkhangelsk TB Dispensary
Database CBSS Task Force on Communicable Disease Control in the Baltic Sea Region
ID in the source database 328
Thematic area
  • Prison Health
  • Tuberculosis
Topic Barents Region
Project geographical area Russia
Substate level / administrative units /regions Arkhangelsk Oblast
Lead partner (organisation) Arkhangelsk Region Administration
Lead partner (owner or/and project manager) no data
Partner organisations
Start date no data
End date no data
Duration (months) no data
Target audience National and local authorities for Justice, Interior, Health and TB; healthcare workers, patients with symptoms of TB, TB patients
  • Develop a plan for reconstruction of isolation facilities and ventilation
  • Obtain equipment for infection control in institutions
  • Background no data
    Objectives To create safe working conditions and prevent nosocomial infections in ARTD, it is necessary to reconstruct the wards for treatment of MDR-TB in ARTD for the intensive phase of treatment.
    The following infection control measures are intended to be taken in MDR TB wards:
    Administrative level:
  • Prompt separation of patients according to bacterioexcretion is being done at present.
    Environmental level:
  • A combined extract-and-input ventilation system will be reconstructed. Two separate ventilation systems will be created: one for the MDR department, another for the rest departments of ARTD.
  • A more detailed engineering plan of reconstruction will be presented later (in July of 2003, after the training course in infection control for the specialists of ARTD and of the State Center for Sanitary-and-epidemiologic Inspection organized CDC).
  • All MDR TB wards are planned to be provided with ultraviolet lamps (as is planned for all TB wards)
    Personal respiratory protection:
  • The use of personal respirators or special masks which filter droplet nuclei is planned in all MDR TB wards with the use of 3M 9320, FFP2S.
  • Patients will receive education in how to use personal respirators provided for them when leaving their ward.
  • Specific objectives/indicators no data
    Results no data
    Total foreseen budget EUR 136,133
    Total implementation costs
    (for completed projects, if available)
    no data
    Conversion to € was done on
    (according to the relevant
    exchange rate at
    Infoeuro Monthly Files)
    no data
    Financing agencies / organisations no data
    Project's URL / project's website no data
    Papers associated with this project no data
    Further information no data
    Last posted: on 2009-08-25 at 14:37:50

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