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Support to coordination and implementation of activities within the EUSBSR Policy Area "Health" (PA Health Support 2)

Project title Support to coordination and implementation of activities within the EUSBSR Policy Area "Health" (PA Health Support 2)
Database Data manually inserted in the NDPHS Database
ID in the source database 1473
Thematic area
  • Management of Cooperation Processes
  • Public Health Practice and Policy
Topic Coordination and implementation of activities aimed to help achieve a broader, more efficient and better targeted cooperation in addressing health-related regional challenges.
Project geographical area
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Sweden
Substate level / administrative units /regions no data
Lead partner (organisation) Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS) Secretariat
Lead partner (owner or/and project manager) no data
Partner organisations no data
Start date 2016-06-17
End date 2018-08-01
Duration (months) 26
Target audience Regional stakeholders, among them: policy-makers and decision-makers (i.a., parliamentarians and senior officials at national, regional and local government institutions), academia, non-governmental organisations.
Summary The project is supporting coordination and implementation of activities within the Health Policy Area of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Action Plan.
Background The main social well-being and health related challenges faced by the BSR countries are the same: an ageing society, poverty, social exclusion and health inequalities, the increasing burden of non-communicable diseases and new health threats. The scale of the health-related challenges requires countries to continue, strengthen and further improve regional cooperation efforts building on the work already done.
Objectives The objectives of the project are to further strengthen (i) the NDPHS capacity and coordinating role in the EUSBSR PA Health and (ii) the PA Health activities aimed to help achieve a broader, more efficient and better targeted cooperation in addressing health-related regional challenges.
Specific objectives/indicators 1. Objective: the work of the steering committee and the coordination of the PA Health on the expert-level is supported, at least 4 steering committee meetings and 2 coordination meetings are organized. 2. Objectives: (i) the EUSBSR section of the NDPHS website is regularly updated and further developed, it includes up-to-date information about funding opportunities for health and social well-being project-based activities in the region; (ii) at least 4 articles about EUSBSR and PA Health are published in the NDPHS e -Newsletter/another newsletter; (iii) the NDPHS Database is updated and includes new EUSBSR –related projects; (iv) an informational leaflet about the PA Health is developed and distributed to relevant stakeholders. 3. Objectives: (i) stakeholders relevant for the work of the PA Health are systematically mapped out and, when needed, met with; (ii) they are surveyed about how the PA Health Coordinator can support them in their EUSBSR work; (iii) the results of the survey are used to develop more effective communication in the future. Therefore, (iv) a larger group of relevant regional stakeholders is reached; (v) provided with information about the EUSBSR PA Health and regional cooperation on health, and the benefits of being engaged in it and the support and tools that can be offered by the EUSBSR and the PA Health Coordinator; (vi) consultation meetings between the NDPHS Secretariat/NDPHS expert-level representatives and several regional stakeholders are held; and (vi) the latter are invited to relevant PA Health events and activities. 4. Objective: regional stakeholders displaying a promising potential to develop projects contributing to the EUSBSR Action Plan, are identified, recruited and provided with training in project development and implementation. 5. Objective: joint regional interventions that would include stakeholders from the EU, NO and RU are discussed and possibly agreed upon. 6. Objectives: one report exploring the economic dimensions of investing in health and social care is developed and published on the NDPHS website and in the NDPHS Database, and two short articles included in the NDPHS e-Newsletter and disseminated to relevant stakeholders who would be asked to further disseminate them through their channels. 7. Objectives: results of the (recently) concluded and existing flagship projects are disseminated to other regional stakeholders and transferred to the policy level through discussions during the steering committee meetings, coordination meetings and stakeholder consultations.
Results 1. Successful coordination process is ensured; the PA Health work continues smoothly. 2. The knowledge about the PA Health and the regionally agreed health and social well-being objectives and priorities is strengthened among the relevant actors and NDPHS website visitors. 3. Better understanding of the PA Health among stakeholders and better support provided by the PA Health Coordinator targeting their needs. Also, a stronger commitment of the already engaged actors and new actors engaged in regional cooperation in health, and specifically the PA Health. 4.Capacity of relevant regional stakeholders to develop and implement actions and flagship projects defined under the PA Health has been increased which would, assumingly, lead to more health projects developed and implemented in the longer run. 5. Dialogue in the health and social well-being area between actors from the BSR EU countries and third countries has been strengthened. 6. Further increased understanding of the importance of health and social well-being for the economy and other policy-areas among regional policy/decision makers. 7. Outcomes of project-based activities reach the policy/decision making level and are discussed by there, and the sustainability of flagship projects is strengthened.
Total foreseen budget EUR 235,294
Total implementation costs
(for completed projects, if available)
no data
Conversion to € was done on
(according to the relevant
exchange rate at
Infoeuro Monthly Files)
no data
Financing agencies / organisations
  • European Union
  • The project is financed by the European Union through the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020.
Project's URL / project's website
Papers associated with this project
Further information no data
Last posted: on 2017-06-19 at 13:48:38

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