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Transfer of Knowledge X: continuing education courses and workshop for medical librarians

Project title Transfer of Knowledge X: continuing education courses and workshop for medical librarians
Database Data manually inserted in the NDPHS Database
ID in the source database 1446
Thematic area
  • Development of Health Systems and Social Services
  • Health Promotion, Education and Information
Topic Enhance and develop library and information services to healthcare personnel
Project geographical area
  • Norway
  • Russia
Substate level / administrative units /regions
  • Arkhangelsk Oblast
  • St. Petersburg
Lead partner (organisation)
Lead partner (owner or/and project manager) no data
Partner organisations no data
Start date 2013-01-01
End date 2013-09-30
Duration (months) 9
Target audience Medical librarians in Arkhangelsk, St Petersburg and Northwest Russia
Summary The programme is built both on experience achieved during the Nordic/Baltic health libraries programme (1994 – 2004) and on the network and experience acquired the last eight years (2004-2012) with Russian health librarians. Continuing education courses, study tours and participation at conferences have been organized in previous years, and in June 2013 courses and a workshop will be arranged in Arkhangelsk. We find it very stimulating and important that Arkhangelsk asked to be the organizer in 2013 and that they also will be responsible for the scientific program together with North-Western State Medical University named after I.I.Mechnikov, Library (formerly MAPO), St. Petersburg and the Scientific Library of Petrozavodsk State University together with SMH Baltic. The courses will continue to focus on web technologies and evidence based health care. The experiences so far show that sharing knowledge through personal and professional contact over a period of time is effective. An important objective for our programme has been to develop better professional confidence and competence for the Russian medical librarians. We have already seen good results of our cooperation project. Some of our Russian colleagues have presented posters at European conferences, one serves as EAHIL council member. EAHIL is European Association for Health Information and Libraries. They are also all more open and active together with colleagues at these conferences. The enthusiasm and commitment shown by all the involved parties is an important motivation and a necessity for the project.
Background The cooperation programme is built on the experiences and the network developed in the Nordic/Baltic health libraries programme (1994 – 2004). In 2001 St.Petersburg was included in this programme after a request by the secretariat leader of the Task Force on Communicable Disease Control in the Baltic Sea Region. Medical libraries in Northwest Russia were soon included. Continuing education courses were organized in St.Petersburg, free for all medical liberians from the areas of Northwest Russia 2004-2009. In 2011 the courses were organized in Petrozavodsk after a request from the Scientific Library of Petrozavodsk State University . Study tours to Norway, Sweden, Finland and Lithuania have been organized in the same period, as well as participation at European conferences for medical libraries (EAHIL conferences).
Objectives General objectives: 1. Improve provision of reliable and updated health information to health care personnel through the medical libraries. 2. Contribute to a sustainable development of professional networks, continuing education and implementation of new international knowledge and ideas among the Russian medical librarians. One of our goals is to make this project sustainable so that our Russian partners themselves can take more responsibility for future courses.
Specific objectives/indicators The Russian medical librarians shall: 1. Learn and practice new Web technologies for libraries. 2. Continue to improve their competence in searching for evidence-based literature. 2. Learn to evaluate the quality of information. 3. Increase health personnel's awareness and use of library services. 4. Improve their knowledge of English and strengthen their professional network. 5. Continue their professional development by arrange continuing education courses themselves.
Results 1.Better integration and status of library services in their institutions through improved professional confidence and competence. 2.Strengthen professional network through close contact with Nordic/ Baltic and European colleagues. Through the EAHIL network they will be able to keep up with the development of professional knowledge. EAHIL is European Association for Health Information and Libraries.
Total foreseen budget EUR 44,392
Total implementation costs
(for completed projects, if available)
no data
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exchange rate at
Infoeuro Monthly Files)
Financing agencies / organisations
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Papers associated with this project no data
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Last posted: on 2013-04-16 at 12:24:10

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