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Prevention diagnosis and treatment of COPD in the Murmansk region 2008 - 2010

Project title Prevention diagnosis and treatment of COPD in the Murmansk region 2008 - 2010
Database Data inserted through the NDPHS Project Pipeline
ID in the source database 41
Thematic area
  • Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Development of Health Systems and Social Services
  • Health Promotion, Education and Information
  • Lifestyle-related Diseases
  • Primary Health Care
  • Public Health Epidemiology
  • Public Health Practice and Policy
Topic The project intends to improve primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in the Murmansk region.
Project geographical area Russia
Substate level / administrative units /regions Murmansk Oblast
Lead partner (organisation) Filha (Finnish Lung Health Association)
Lead partner (owner or/and project manager) no data
Partner organisations Health Care Committee of Murmansk
Start date 2009-01-01
End date 2009-11-30
Duration (months) 11
Target audience 1. Direct beneficiaries: Staff and personnel at the Murmansk Regional Hospital and the primary health care centres in the region.
2. Indirect beneficiaries: The population of the Murmansk region. All people not starting to smoke or who quit smoking in the region. COPD patients and their relatives in the Murmansk region.
3. The Health Care Committee of Murmansk, Murmansk Regional Clinical Hospital and polyclinics (=PHC centers). The Finnish Lung Health Association (Filha), Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in Finland, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.
Summary Tobacco smoking is the most important cause of COPD. COPD is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Incidence, morbidity and mortality of COPD in the Murmansk region are high, statistical figures do probably not reflect the whole scope of the problem. 60 - 70 % of the male population are smokers, womens's smoking habits are increasing. A three year project starting 2008 is ongoing to support and strenghten the work with primary and scondary prevention of COPD, diagnosis, treatment and rehbilitation of COPD with emphasis on the PHC level, and the role of the resiratory nurses. Mainly training activities are performed.
Background COPD is a leading and increasing cause of morbidity and premature death worldwide. COPD is strongly related to smoking habits. As much as 60 - 70% of the male population in Russia are smokers, and the figures are probably the same in the Murmansk region. According to recent information, about half of all smokers develop COPD or other smokingrelated disease. COPD is a substantial economic and social burden for the individual patient and the society. There is a link between smoking and tuberculosis. DOT (directly observed therapy of TB) activity may also be used for antismoking information.
Objectives The objective is to improve health in the Murmansk region by reducing morbidity and mortality of COPD.
Specific objectives/indicators 1. Decrease incidence,morbidity and mortality of COPD. Decrease the number of people starting to smoke.
2. Annual statisical reports on COPD morbidity, mortality, hospitalisation, days off from work due to sick leave because of COPD. Patient questionnaires.
Results Component 1. Improved primary prevention of COPD: Reduction of the number of youth starting smoking, smoke-free hospitals, less tobacco advertising, sales of cigarettes decrease / annual statistical reports on COPD, patient questionnaires, supervisory visits.
2. Improved secondary prevention of COPD: Amount of smokers decrease, quitting smoking increases, decrease in COPD morbidity and mortality, earlier diagnosis of COPD / Annual statistical reports on COPD, supervisory visits, patient questionnaires.
Component 3. Training on diagnosis and treatment of COPD: Well trained motivated staff at PHC and hospital level handling COPD. Decrease of COPD exacerbations. Decreased mortality of COPD / Annual statistical reports on COPD, supervisory visits, patient questionnaires.
Component 4. Rehabilitaion of COPD patients: Decrease of morbidity and mortality of COPD, quality of life improvement / Annual statistical reports, supervisory visits, patient questionnires.
Component 5. Training of respiratory nurses: Well trained and motivated nurses handling patients with respiratory disese with emphasis on COPD and asthma. Patient self-care improves. Access of spirometries and diagnostic PEF curves increase, patient inhalation technques improve / Supervisory visits, PEF curve and spirometry quality assessment, patient questionnaires.
Total foreseen budget EUR 127,712
Total implementation costs
(for completed projects, if available)
no data
Conversion to € was done on
(according to the relevant
exchange rate at
Infoeuro Monthly Files)
no data
Financing agencies / organisations Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Project's URL / project's website no data
Papers associated with this project no data
Further information no data
Last posted: on 2009-08-26 at 13:00:29

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