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Arkhangelsk TB program project visit report, May 2008

Paper title Arkhangelsk TB program project visit report, May 2008
Database Data manually inserted in the NDPHS Database
Paper MS Word Document LHL- Arkhangelsk TB program May 2008.doc
Author (title, first name, last name)
  • Mrs. Torunn Hasler
  • Dr. Einar Heldal
Thematic area
  • Health Promotion, Education and Information
  • Prison Health
  • Tuberculosis
  • Management of drug resistant tuberculosis
Summary The TB program in Arkhangelsk has succeeded in reducing the number of TB patients through strengthening the organisation of case finding and treatment. The levels of MDR-TB are very high but the TB program has gradually started most MDR-TB patients on treatment with 2.line drugs, mainly through the GFATM/RHCF, and has reduced the production of new MDR-TB cases. The collaboration with Norway continues to focus on two main challenges: One is to ensure treatment completion for all patients with MDR-TB including those who have waited for treatment a long time, who have many social problems and in some cases have strains resistant also to 2.line drugs (XDR-TB). Another challenge is to make the recording and reporting system for MDR-TB fully operational, including the computer program, allowing better capacity for monitoring and analysis of the efforts. Further development of good examples in Arkhangelsk in these two areas should also be helpful for the process of ensuring effective management of all MDR-TB cases in Russia. The experience in TB control in Arkhangelsk is benefitting other regions in Russia, including through training by the Northern State Medical University in neighbouring regions, including Komi, Karelia and Murmansk. Although the incidence of TB has been declining in Russia in recent years, and the Russian government has increased budgets for TB control substantially, the TB situation in Russia is of concern, especially regarding MDR-TB, XDR-TB and TB/HIV. It is a challenge to ensure implementation of MDR-TB management in the regions as required by GLC, limiting the capacity to spend the funds available to Russia from The Global Fund. There is concern that if 2.line drugs from RHCF/GFATM are made available to regions without correcting the weaknesses that caused the MDR-TB problem in the first place, it will lead to resistance also to 2.line drugs in the form of so-called XDR. Treatment with GLC drugs have low success rate in XDR-TB patients while so-called 3.line drugs (not supplied by GLC) have some effect. Continued support to this process is also in line with the Berlin declaration on Tuberculosis made by European ministers (of health, etc) in October 2007, including a call for support to the Plan to Stop TB in the high priority countries of the WHO European region 2007-2015.
Geographical area Russia - Arkhangelsk Oblast
Paper type Evaluation paper
Year last issued (for periodic publications, frequency) 2008
Publisher name (if the paper has not been published so far, write: Not published so far) Not published so far
Publisher contact details no data
ISBN/ISSN no data
Language of the linked paper English
Also available in other languages Russian
Number of pages 34
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Last posted: on 2009-04-07 at 14:13:29

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