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ID Database Title Start date Budget Date added
1394 NDPHS Transfer of Knowledge: Providing and Managing Health Information 2010-06-15 EUR 7,020 2009-10-07
1390 NDPHS HIV/AIDS prevention and care among injecting drug users and in prison settings in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania 2006-01-01 EUR 3,480,925 2009-09-30
1391 NDPHS Expanding Network for Coordinated and Comprehensive Actions on HIV/AIDS Prevention among IDUs and Bridging Population 2006-07-01 EUR 1,314,560 2009-10-02
1393 NDPHS Prevention and Management of HIV/AIDS and Opportunistic Infections in North-West Russia with particular focus on Capacity and Capability Building of Partner Consortium and local Government 2009-01-01 EUR 81,818 2009-10-07
537 NDPHS A Database on Public Health Projects in North Eastern Europe and its neighbouring countries 2007-02-01 EUR 256,177 2008-01-21
338 NDPHS Controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Barents and Northern Dimension Partnership Programme regions 2005-02-01 EUR 985,000 2007-11-13
534 NDPHS Psychological and social support to HIV infected women in Leningrad Oblast 2007-2009 2007-03-15 EUR 290,000 2007-11-30
535 NDPHS Public Health Without Public Trust: The Governance of HIV/AIDS Prevention in North-West Russia 2008-01-01 EUR 622,500 2007-12-03
536 NDPHS Prevention of HIV infection in the Republic of Karelia 2007-2009 2007-01-01 EUR 290,000 2007-12-05
538 NDPHS Developing and implementing Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) system in North-West region of Russian Federation to provide Decent and Safe work 2005-04-28 EUR 445,000 2008-02-07
540 NDPHS HAPPY AUDIT, Medical Audits for Prudent Use of Antimicrobial Agents in European Primary Health Care 2007-04-12 EUR 1,492,300 2008-02-16
547 NDPHS Adolescents' Health and Safety 2007-01-01 EUR 100,000 2008-04-15
548 NDPHS Development of Family Medicine in Vologda Oblast 2008-09-01 EUR 259,000 2008-04-28
550 NDPHS Improvement of knowledge on hazardous substances in North-West Russia 2009-03-02 EUR 160,000 2008-05-07
1138 NDPHS Promoting Testing for and Treatment of Communicable Diseases among Vulnerable Groups in the Kaliningrad Region (Russia) 2009-01-01 EUR 250,000 2008-09-18
1140 NDPHS Improving control of drug resistant tuberculosis in Arkhangelsk Region including prisons 2008-01-01 EUR 132,000 2008-10-13
1141 NDPHS Improvement of identification of patients with first psychotic episodes in primary care and their treatment and social services in Archangelsk oblast 2008-01-01 EUR 48,000 2008-10-16
1145 NDPHS Networking drug prevention in the Murmansk region 2007-01-01 EUR 186,367 2008-11-11
1146 NDPHS Project for peer counselling in preventive work against youth drug abuse 2008-01-01 EUR 33,210 2008-11-11
1147 NDPHS Fighting Tuberculosis in Karelia; Phase III, 2008-2010 2005-01-01 EUR 590,871 2008-11-11

Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of 35

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