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NDPHS Project Pipeline



Welcome to the NDPHS Project Pipeline - the first multi-agency on-line project funding coordination tool, which helps proceeding from a project idea through project application to project financing. Its objective is to help better coordinate and streamline efforts aimed at the improvement of public health and social well-being in the Northern Europe by providing a "market place" to project proponents and project financing agencies operating in this region.

The NDPHS Project Pipeline is a joint effort of the NDPHS Partner Countries and Organisations as well as the participating financing agencies (see below), who all take a keen interest in the improvement of health and social well-being in the Northern Dimension area. It is one of the main elements of the Partnership’s Coordinating and Financing Mechanism.

Overall concept

The NDPHS Project Pipeline encourages all actors, active in the Northern Dimension Area and dealing with issues related to public health and social well-being to submit project proposals. Based on the thematic and geographical characteristics of the project, the pipeline will automatically categorise the project and identify possible sources of funding. In the subsequent steps the pipeline will forward the project to the relevant financing agency(-ies), who may have an interest in funding the project (however, it is a project proponent who chooses which of the relevant agencies to approach). The automated notification e-mail system of the NDPHS pipeline will keep the project applicants and the financing agencies up-to-date with the current status of the project proposal.

Read also the NDPHS fact sheet Fact sheet 3/2008 "Plenty of money for good projects - NDPHS Project Pipeline."

More about the pipeline…

Funding opportunities available in the pipeline

The NDPHS Project Pipeline takes account of financing opportunities offered by financing agencies in accordance with their funding programmes and priorities.  The following table presents selected basic information regarding amount of funding available through the pipeline as well as the deadlines for submission of project proposals. To view a conglomerated information about the funding opportunities offered by the financing agencies participating in the NDPHS Project Pipeline, click here.

Available now or in the near future total amount of funding offered by financing agency(-ies) EUR 0
Maximum funding per project (from - to) EUR 0 - EUR 0
Nearest deadline for submission of project proposals
Most distant deadline for submission of project proposals

All financing agencies, which have agreed to participate in the NDPHS Project Pipeline, are listed below. Whenever any of them offers funding (calls for proposals, tenders, etc.) and agrees to communicate this information through the NDPHS Project Pipeline, these opportunities will be displayed next to their name(s).


The NDPHS does not take any responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the information provided by the financing agencies participating in the Project Pipeline. The displayed funding should be considered approximate, as financing agencies may alter these figures.

Graphical presentation of funding

As soon as a project proposal submitted for funding through the NDPHS Project Pipeline is granted the entire requested funding, it is automatically included in the NDPHS Project Database (view all projects put through the Pipeline, which received funding). At the same time information about the granted funding and the total foreseen cost of these projects are immediately included in the charts on page Graphical presentation of funding.

Funding opportunities outside the pipeline

The NDPHS encourages financing agencies operating in the Northern Dimension area to avail themselves of the opportunities provided by the NDPHS Project Pipeline. By collectively using this user friendly on-line one-entry point tool financing agencies are able to more widely and in a coordinated manner reach out to organisations and institutions interested in implementing public health and social well-being projects in this region.

At the same time, however, the NDPHS recognises that some financing agencies have their own mechanisms and procedures that, at least at this point in time, make it impossible for them to participate in the NDPHS Project Pipeline. To assist potential project developers in identifying potentially interested financing agencies, the NDPHS Project Pipeline offers links to the websites of some of such agencies. Applicants are encouraged to review themselves funding requirements and calls for proposals of those agencies, as they may also provide funding for health and social well-being projects in the Northern Dimension area.

To learn of funding opportunities outside the NDPHS Project Pipeline click here.

Visitors of this website are encouraged to inform the NDPHS Project Pipeline Support Team about any other financing agencies that might be included in the list of funding agencies not connected to the NDPHS Pipeline.

Enter the pipeline

To enter the pipeline click here (you may also log in through the respective link in the Pipeline Toolbox placed on the right-hand side).

It is recommended that project proponents carefully examine the information displayed on page Funding opportunities available in the NDPHS Project Pipeline before applying for financial support through the pipeline.

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