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4th Meeting of the Expert Group on HIV, TB and Associated Infections

01 - 02 March 2017, Oslo, Norway


Invitation to the 4th Meeting of NDPHS EG on HIV, TB and AI PDF Document
Practical Information for participants PDF Document
On-line registration form (deadline for registration: 2017-02-28) HTML Document
List of the on-line registered participants HTML Document


CodeTitleSubmitted byFiles
HIV, TB&AI 4/2/1Provisional agenda with indicative timetableHIV, TB&AI ITA PDF Document
HIV, TB&AI 4/2/1 Rev 1Revised provisional agendaHIV, TB&AI ITA PDF Document
HIV, TB&AI 4/3/Info 1Estimate of Potential Years of Life Lost (PYLL) due to HIV. HIV, TB&AI ITA PDF Document
HIV, TB&AI 4/3/Info 2HIV, TB&AI flagship project proposal on the List of the ongoing and completed flagships of the EUSBSRNDPHS SecretariatMS Word Document 
HIV, TB&AI 4/3/Info 3Training on project development and implementation NDPHS Secretariat PDF Document
HIV, TB&AI 4/3/Info 4Stakeholder consultation meetingsNDPHS Secretariat PDF Document
HIV, TB&AI 4/4/BEG's Draft Progress Report for 2016HIV, TB&AI ITAMS Word Document 
HIV, TB&AI 4/4/C Info 1Presentation by Dmitry Titkov at St. Petersburg Conference on HIV and Immune-Supressive Conditions "HIV, TB and AI in Nordic Countries in the Context of refugee Crisis" HIV, TB&AI ITA MS PowerPoint Presentation
HIV, TB&AI 4/4/I Info 1Global Ministerial Conference "A Multisectoral Response to End Tuberculosis in the Sustainable Development Era" by WHO and Russia's Health Ministry, 16-17 November 2017, MoscowHIV, TB&AI ITA PDF Document
HIV, TB&AI 4/4/J Info 1VI Eastern Europe and Central Asia AIDS Conference, April 18-20, 2018, MoscowHIV, TB&AI ITA JPEG Image
HIV, TB&AI 4/5EG's Work Plan for 2017HIV, TB&AI ITAMS Word Document 
HIV, TB&AI 4/7/Info 1The status of the HIV response in the European Union/European Economic Area, 2016HIV, TB&AI ITA PDF Document


ITA's slides for the Meeting PDF Document
Progress of HA-REACT by Outi Karvonen PDF Document
Current status of the ESTICOM tender (EMIS 2017/ ECHOE survey and Training programme) PDF Document
Vilnius Communicable Disease Summit, October 2017 PDF Document
Barents TB Programme’s Seminar on TB and Migration, November 2016, St. Petersburg PDF Document
Modified EG's Work Plan 2017MS Word Document 
Overview of the new Russian HIV Strategy 2020 by Dmitry Titkov PDF Document
presentation by Olga Nechaeva "Impact of HIV infection on TB epidemic in Russia" in English PDF Document
presentation by Olga Nechaeva "Impact of HIV infection on TB epidemic in Russia" in Russian PDF Document
TB situation in Finland PDF Document
Password protectedSituation in Lithuania PDF Document
Situation in Norway PDF Document
Situation in Germany PDF Document
Situation in Latvia PDF Document
Situation in Sweden PDF Document
Situation in Poland PDF Document
NDPHS Joint Project Idea MS PowerPoint Presentation

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